​1/6/2018  Saturday 10am-12pm


$20 + Materials

Level: Beginners

Knotting is seen across cultures in jewelry and accessories; hemp knotting, Chinese knotting,

Japanese cording braiding, etc. they share similarities in technique. Macrame requires few beads

sometimes you don't even need one. In this class, we will demo a couple of basic knots and teach

you how to mix with beads and have fun with them.

1/6/2018  Saturday 1-5pm

Star Flower Lariat

Level: Intermdiate

This pattern is Laura McCabe's annual holiday gift. You will need to bring your own pattern downloaded from her website if you are not on her newsletter subscription. We will have an open beading this afternoon with no charge. But registration is required to join this make-n-take.

1/12/2018  Friday  10-1pm

Spiral Trio

$25 + Materials

Level: Beginners

This lengthy class covers in depth basic spiral stitch; single spiral, double spiral, triple spiral, flat spiral which are all based on the same concept. You will have a chance to view a close-up demo as well as hands on experience on all the variations. Why take three classes to learn one techniqe when you can take one and learn all? Call today to register


1/13/2018  Saturday 10am-12pm

Basic Wrapped Links

$20 + Materials

Level: Beginners

It is a must-have know-how for jewelry making regardless whether you plan to go into sophisticated wire work or not. There will always be times when you need to wrap a pair of earrings for gift, repair a broken chain, add a couple of jump rings, etc that requires pliers. You will learn in depth in this class correct tools to use and fundamental skills to take home.

1/13/2018  Saturday 2-5pm

Pretty in Pink

$20 + Materials

Level: Beginners

A versatile bead weaving technique widely preferred by beaders. Highly recommended to anyone who just started beading. Our experienced teaching and professional step-by-step written instruction will help you build confidence that will go a long way!

1/20/2018 Saturday 10-1pm

Basic Cabochon Wire Wrapping
$35 + Materials
Level: Beginners

Back by popular demand, a new series of wire wrapping classes with Lisa Barth has begun! This is THE foundation and very first class of a series of cabochon wire wrapping offered by Lisa Barth. It is fun, creative and gratifying. The technique Lisa developed is so unique, highly recommend to anyone who is interested in wire wrapping. A valuable class to see expert demo step by step in person.

1/20/2018  Saturday 2-4pm

Galaxy Bracelet


Level: All levels

There is no class fee, just purchase the materials and we will show you how to make this trendy bracelet using rhinestone chain, cotton/leather cord and rolo chain. You can make a simple single row bracelet or fancy double rows that look like a million buck!

1/27/2018  Saturday 10-5pm

Pinwheel Pendant by Kathy King

$65 + Materials

Level: Intermediate

In this workshop students will learn how to creat the large three dimensional shape, a base for the shape and the six-pronged center shape. The pieces will spin when complete.

1/28/2018  Sunday 10-4pm

Orbital Earrings/Pendant by Kathy King

$65 + Materials

Level: Intermediate

Students will learn how to create a layered beaded bead that is then encased in two beaded metal circles. Different beaded bead embellishments will be shown and discussed. Technique: Square Stitch.

September 2017 Classes / Workshops

11/11/17  Sat.  10-5pm​

Kimberly Stathis Workshop:

Mystic Three Necklace  $75 + Materials

Level: Advanced

Three is a powerful number. It is a numeric symbol of universal significance. Reference to the number three appears in many cultures, mythology and religions. The number three is also important in regards to artistic creativity. There is something about three that works across all mediums, formats and sizes. Three balances, has a point of interest and brings symmetry to art.
Using the idea of three to bring symmetry to the necklace design, three oval crystal stones are used to create the pendant for the necklace. Each stone sits independently within a three tiered bezel. The bezeled stones are connected together using an embellished three pearl component. The necklace straps are made up of segments of beadwork attached together using the same pearl component that is part of the pendant to bring cohesiveness to the design. A double attached pearl component is used for the necklace closure. Peyote stitch is used to construct the design.

11/12/17  Sun.  10-5pm

Kimberly Stathis Workshop:

Pinnacle Bracelet  $75 + Materials

Level: Advanced

Pearl cups with inset rivolis form the centerline of the bracelet band. The edging along the length of the bracelet band is made up of beaded pinnacles embellished with pearls and crystals. Each pinnacle unit is attached together with a diamond shaped unit of beadwork. The clasp has a double attached bead foundation and is embellished with pearls. Netting and peyote stitches will be used to construct this bracelet.

11/18/17  Sat.  Polymer Clay with Barbara McGuire

10:30am-12:30pm Feather Cane (Cane only, will not bake) $40/person

Level: Intermediate

2-4pm Wise Owl Cabochon, Pendant or Brooch  $35/person

Level: Beginners

Materials included.

11/25 Sat.  10-12pm

Holly Jolly Christmas  $25

Level: Beginners

This is a kit class, so everything is included. You will learn in depth how to read Peyote stitch pattern and diagram, even design your own!

OCTOber 2017 Classes / Workshops

JANUARY 2018 Classes / Workshops

9/02/17  Saturday 10-5   UFO

Un-Finished Objects(Projects) open beading

9/09/17  Saturday  all Day

Make-n-Take: Solaris Pendant & Iris Necklace


​Level: Beginners

Two free projects both featuring a new 2-hole bead: Nib-Bit. They are easy and quick to stitch up. 

Registration required. The $15 registration fee will go towards your purchase of materials.

No show will not be refunded. Walk-ins are welcome but subject to availability. 

9/14/17  Thursday 11-1:30pm


$15 + materials

Level: Beginners

Superduo is by far the most successful 2-hole bead in the market. We are bringing back is popular design which is so easy and quick to stitch. With never ending color selections manufacturer keeps coming up with, you could never have enough necklaces!

9/16/17  Saturday  10-1pm

Criss-Cross Pendant  $45+Materials

Taught by Lisa Barth

Level: Advanced Beginners

This is a step-up class from Lisa's Basic Cabochon Wire Wrap. This project refreshes the basic wire wrap technique and add a bit of challenge to it. If you have some wire wrapping experience on your own this is a great class to strengthen your knowledge as well.

9/16/17  Saturday 2-5pm

Jaipur Bracelet by Sabine Lippert

$15 + materials

Level: Intermediate

Jaipur bracelet is designed by Sabine for intermediate level make-n-take. You will need to have original pattern either purchased from Sabine's website or hard copy from us. Sharing pattern is not cool. Please be supportive of designers and small business.

9/23/17  Saturday 10-5pm (1 hour lunch break)
Polymer Clay Workshop   $60 (All inclusive)

taught by Barbara McGuire
Level: All levels

Explore the exciting world of polymer clay with master Barbara McGuire. Learn how one of a kind pieces come to live step by step. Prepared to be blown away...

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars like other studios charge to take polymer clay class. We bring the master to town, and all workshop materials are included. Plus each student is provided with complete tool set to use in the class. Exceptional value you do not want to miss! Seats are limited to 8. 

9/30/17  Saturday 10-1pm

Make-n-Take: Holiday Earrings


Level: All Levels

We have collected more than 30 holiday earring styles to help make your holiday shopping list a little shorter. Some new styles this year are incredibly cute. With holiday season approximately 10 weeks away, you don't want to miss this class. REGISTRATION REQUIRED. $15 will go towards your material purchase. No show is not refunded. Walk-ins welcome subject to availability.

9/30/17  Saturday  2-5pm

Funky Mermaid

$25 + materials

Level: All levels

Learn basic bead embroidery and design your own one-of-a-kind brooch/pendant. No experience required. You just need to be ready to be adventurous and having fun!!!

AUGUST 2017 Classes / Workshops

NOVEMber 2017 Classes / Workshops

10/07/17  Saturday (All day)

Make-n-Take with Nib-Bit 

Volterra Beaded Bead

Level: Beginners

We are in love with the new 2-hole bead: Nib-Bit. Join us for a quick make-n-take. You will whip up these beaded bead so quickly that you can hardly stop making different colors of which Nib-Bits are available.

10/12-14  PMC Trunk Show

We are hosting local PMC artist Cyndee Suckling's Polymer Clay. They are perfect focal pieces for necklaces, earrings or bead embroidery. Please check out "News" page for sneak peak.

10/17/17 Tuesday  11-1:30pm

Basic Spiral Stitch  $20 + Materials

Level: Beginners

Yup, you heard it right - Beginners! With right design, right materials, simple pattern can result in something stunning as well. A fail proof project highly recommended for newbies in off-loom bead weaving.

10/21/17  Saturday  11-2:30pm

Owl Pendant  $25 + Materials

Taught by Marcy Antle

Level: Adv Beginners

The wait is over. Owl pendant is finally here. Basic bead embroidery technique. Call to register. Seats are limited.

10/21/17  Saturday 2:30-5:30pm


Level: All Levels

A fun project using Peyote stitch to make strips then wrap around a 2-hole base bead. Create your own designs of beaded bead then string them on stretchy cord.  Lots of fun!

10/28/17  Saturday 10-2pm (Date Change)
Shibori Collar  $30 + Materials
Taught by Darla Alfredson
Level: Intermediate

Love Bead Embroidery, but intimidated by Shibori Silk Ribbon? Join this class and find out it is actually easily than you think. Step by step hands-on experience and group discuss lead by Darla. Four hours mini workshop.

10/28/17  Saturday 2:30-5pm

Make-n-Take: Tassel Necklace

Level: All Levels

Tassels are one of the highly popular items in trendy jewelry this year. With leather or chain plus a couple of accent beads, fashion jewelry are so easy to make. Join us and create some fun accessories for yourself or as gifts. No class fee, only purchase materials.

8/2/17  Wednesday 11-1pm  

8/16/17 Wednesday 11-1pm

Crochet with Beads

Fee: $30 + materials (2 sessions)
Crochet with beads is both challenging and gratifying. Our teaching devises the process into two sessions to systematically guild you through each critical step towards designing your own pattern!
(second session can be arranged by appointment)

8/5/17  Saturday 11-12pm

Make-n-Take: Button Bracelet

Level: All Levels

No Class Fee. Only purchase materials

Quick, easy and fun. Make some funky ones to go with the new outfit for that exciting first day of school. Perfect project for a birthday party, sleepover, home school art project or mother-daughter activity.

8/5/17  Saturday 1-4pm

Meadow Bracelet

$15 + Materials

Level: Advanced Beginners

Designed by Sabine Lippert featuring her new "Gekko" beads. RAW experience would be helpful.

This is a make-n-take project with assistance if need be. Students are expected to be able to follow basic diagram.

8/12/17  Saturday 10-1pm

Basic Cabochon Wire Wrapping

$35 + Materials
Level: Beginners
Back by popular demand, a new series of wire wrapping classes with Lisa Barth has begun! This is THE foundation and very first class of a series of cabochon wire wrapping offered by Lisa Barth. It is fun, creative and gratifying. The technique Lisa developed is so unique, highly recommend to anyone who is interested in wire wrapping. A valuable class to see expert demo step by step in person.

8/12/17  Saturday 2-4pm

Intro to Stringing

$15 + Materials

Level: Beginners

This intro class walks you through basic technique of bead stringing in nowadays trendy jewelry; explain in simple language on design concept; introduce common materials in the industry, and demonstrates good crimping from bad. Students will have hands on experience by putting together their own bracelets or necklace afterwards.  If you feel overwhelmed to try out jewelry making, this class is for you.

8/19/17  Saturday  10-12pm

Earrings Making

$20 All inclusive

Level: Beginners

Regardless what type of jewelry you want to specialize, there will always be time when you need to have a pair of earrings for one reason or another.  This is the class you will learn about everthing you need to know about earring making. Of course there are hands on practice, and lots of it.

8/19/17  Saturday 1-4pm

Two Sides of the Story

Fee: $25 + materials
Level: Intermediate

This class focuses on creating a pendant which contains two cabochons or cameos (Necklace not included). Often times, cabochons/cameos come in various thickness and that makes bezeling difficult. Join this class to learn how to solve this problem. Students should be proficient in Peyote Stitch.

8/26/17  Saturday 10-2pm

Woven Earrings

$45 + Materials
Level: Intermediate

Ready to move on to the next level? If you have been through at least two of Lisa Barth's basic wire wrapping class, this woven project is your next challenge, and the beginning of an awesome leather bracelet which is coming up soon!​​