11/8/18  Thursday  10-12pm

All About String

Level: Beginners

Fee: $25 (Kit included)

If you are just starting making jewelry, likely you are stringing. If you are stringing, you want to know all the pros and cons. We discuss the ins and outs in great detail in this class. A pre-packaged bracelet kit offers a hands on experience. You will learn the correct and best ways to finish different projects.

11/15/18  Thursday  10-1pm

Basic Peyote Stitch (Even-count & Odd-count)

Level: Beginners

Fee: $25/person 

One of the most important bead weaving techniques! You will learn both even-count and odd-count 

and learn to read Peyote stitch pattern. A beginners must-have class.

11/29/18  Thursday 10-12pm

Cubic Right-Angle-Weave

Level: Beginners

Fee: $30/person (Kit included)

Still struggling with CRAW? Join us in searching for your Ah-ha moment! This simple lariat design with fringe and crystal drops add a lovely touch and makes the necklace attractive and very wearable with almost any outfit.

9/13/18 Thursday 10-1pm

Variation Herringbone Rope

Level: Beginers

Fee: $25/person

This is a foundation technique that beaders of all levels must-have. Class will discuss in great detail from basic Herringbone stitch to tubular to twisted to Chenille variation. If you have not mastered this important stitch, this class is for you.

9/20/18 Thursday 10-1pm

Little Pillows Necklace

Level: Advanced Beginners

Fee: $25/person

This project contains two useful components which can be adopted into bracelet, earrings, rings and

necklace etc. The technique involves Right-Angle-Weave, Peyote stitch, 2-needle cross weave.

A well worth class beyond the price.

7/12/18 Thursday 10-1pm

Hide and Seek

Level: Beginners

Fee: $25/person

We will focus on Peyote stitch for an in depth discussion on Even-count, Odd-Count and different

ways of doing odd-count Peyote, and of course how to read Peyote chart. Hand-on practice will be

conducted during class. If you struggle with Peyote stitch in any way or form, you don't want to miss

this session.

6/28/18 Thursday  10-1pm

Spiral Lariat
Level: Beginners

Fee: $25/person
Spiral stitch may well be the easiest off-loom bead weaving stitches and is often time recommended to newbies as starter project due to its high repetition. However, it does provide lots of room for variation. Students will have the opportunity to decide on their final style after learning the technique.

6/21/18 Thursday 10-1pm
Level: Beginners
Fee: $25/person

With increasing popularity of Cubic RAW, this basic class is a must-have for newbies. Without strong foundation of RAW knowledge, CRAW, PRAW... are likely to be a struggle. Kits are available.

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