Liisa Turunen Workshops

2/10 Friday 10-5pm  Savannah Necklace

2/11 Saturday 10-5pm Fair & Square Bracelet

2/12 Sunday 10-5pm Pixels Necklace

Join our annual Spring Special Event with national renowned teacher and lean to make something amazing!

Workshop runs daily 10-5pm. Intermediate to Advanced level. Students should have good bead weaving knowledge and proficient in basic stitches such as Peyote Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, RAW, Netting etc. Workshop fees are $55-65 each. Materials kits are available for purchase.

2/16 Thursday 1-3:30pm

Basic Spiral Stitch    $20 + materials

Level: Beginners

Single Spiral stitch is a great starter technique toward off-loom bead weaving due to its highly repetitive motion and amazing end result. As long as you are able to see relatively small beads and comfortable with thread and needle, you are good to go. Almost no projects could fail single spiral stitch. It's an instant gratification!  Any newbies MUST-know technique!

2/18 Saturday 12-5pm

Chenille Stitch Bootcamp

Level: Advanced Beginners

​Fee: FREE but require purchasing materials

When you understand Chenille stitch thoroughly, you will be able to take advantage of its pattern to create "lines" or "spirals" or even "flowers" as shown at right in the rope.  This class is designed to show you exactly how. Students should know Herringbone stitch.

2/25 Saturday 10-2pm

Organic Wire Wrapping with Lisa Barth

​Fee: $45 + materials

Level: Advanced Beginners

Upon request, Lisa designed this class to show you how to utilize the knowledge you gained from her Cabochon Wire Wrap 101 class to wrap anything. There will be lots of discussion, don't want to miss. Pre-requisite: You MUST have taken Lisa's Basic Cabochon Wire Wrapping class or be familiar with her technique from her publications. Bring your favorite stone or choose one from our wide variety of cabochons.

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Crochet with Beads  
4/1 Saturday 2:30-4:30pm (session 1)
4/8 Saturday  10:30-12:30pm (session II)
Fee: $30 + materials

Crochet with beads is both challenging and gratifying. Our teaching devises the process into two sessions to systematically guild you through each critical step towards designing your own pattern!
(second session can be arranged by appointment)

Intro to Stringing  
4/5 Wednesday 11-1pm
Fee: $15 + materials
Level: Beginners

Unless one is mainly interested in metal work, chances are everyone starts from stringing when it comes to jewelry making. This intro class walks you through the basics in nowadays fashion jewelry including materials, tools, etc. You will leave the class wearing your very first piece of handmade bracelet or necklace!

Purpose Necklace
4/8 Saturday 1-5pm
Fee: $25 + materials
Level: Intermediate

A trendy beaded rope which offers itself for multi-purpose: an eye-glasses holder, an ID holder, and of course, a necklace.  Polaris beads (made in Italy) are added and adorned with tiny drops to dressed up a long herringbone rope. Basic RAW and Herringbone knowledge is required. 

Two Sides of The Story
4/15 Saturday 1-5pm
Fee: $25 + materials
Level: Intermediate

This class focuses on creating a pendant which contains two cabochons or cameos (Necklace not included). Often times, cabochons/cameos come in various thickness and that makes bezeling difficult. Join this class to learn how to solve this problem. Students should be proficient in Peyote Stitch.

4/29/17 Satirdau 10-2pm (re-schedule)
Criss Cross Pendant 
Level: Advanced Beginners

This is a step-up class to Lisa's Basic Cabochon Wire Wrap. This project refreshes the basic wire wrap technique and add a bit of challenge to it. If you have some wire wrapping experience on your own this is a great class to strengthen your knowledge as well.

Speed Bump (re-schedule)
4/29 Saturday2:30-5pm
Fee: 25 + materials
Level: Beginners

This lovely bracelet is designed by lovely Linda Roberts and taught by BEADiful on commission. This is a great project for one who is new to odd-count Peyote stitch. Easy enough to follow with simple embellishment to transform boredom into stylish. You won't be able to stop making more!

March 2017 Classes / Workshops

3/04/17 Saturday 10-1pm

Bead Embroidery with Marcy
$25/person + materials
Level: Beginners  

Have you ever been amazed by those bead embroidery collars and believed you would never be able to do any of them for a million years? Truth is you couldn't be more wrong. Bead embroidery does not have a set of strict rules like bead weaving does. It simply provides a canvas for your to paint with beads! This is an ongoing program. You can take one class for $25 or continue weekly for Marcy to guild you along the way in developing a collar piece or whatever you are working on until you are satisfied. From selecting materials, laying out design, technical aspects, tips and tricks... we have the best in everything. Wait till you see our cabochon collection! LOL. You owe yourself an opportunity to explore the amazing world of bead embroidery!!!

3/04/17 Saturday 2-5:30pm
Chameleon Cuff
$25/person + Materials
Level: Intermediate

This bracelet is designed to play with the lovely glass cabochon which changes colors depending on the angle you look at it, hence the name. Odd-count Peyote, circular Peyote stitch, Picot, and bead embroidery are involved in the making. Recommended for Advanced Beginners and above.

3/09/17 Thursday 12-2pm

Make-n-Take: Chainon 

Level: Beginners

This is an oldie but goodie. None who have made this project before stopped at making just one! It is that additive!!. There is no class fee. Only material cost. Additional instruction is only given during the make-n-take session which help you achieve perfect result. You don't want to miss it!

3/11/17 Saturday 10-1pm
Basic Cabochon Wire Wrapping
$35 + Materials
Level: Beginners

Back by popular demand! This is the foundation and very first class of a series of cabochon wire wrapping offered by Lisa Barth. It is fun, creative and gratifying. The technique Lisa developed is so unique, highly recommend to anyone who is interested in wire wrapping. A valuable class to see expert demo step by step in person.

3/11/17 Saturday 2-5pm

Crown Rope

$10 pattern + Materials

Level: Advanced Beginners

Fall in love with basic Herringbone all over again! 16 pages of step by step pattern shows you how to embellish tubular Herringbone stitch with just a few accent beads. You can use the rope as badge holder (necklace) or eye glasses holder. Trendy and functional!

3/18-19 Saturday-Sunday

North Georgia Bead Society Workshops

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3/25/17 Saturday all day Make 'n Take

Moni Luna necklace

Level: All Level

A lovely necklace which looks great on anyone and everyone. Best of all, it requires no previous beading experience. As long as you can see little beads and are comfortable with needle-thread. Join this free class and knock your friend's socks off with this gorgeous necklace!

January 2017 Classes / Workshops

APRIL 2017 Classes / Workshops

JUNE 2017 Classes / Workshops

​6/3/17 Saturday 10-2pm
Woven Earrings by Lisa Barth
$45 + Materials
Level: Intermediate
Ready to move on to the next level? If you have been through at least two of Lisa Barth's basic wire wrapping class, this woven project is your next challenge, and the beginning of an awesome leather bracelet which is coming up soon!

6/10/17  Saturday  11-2pm

Rose Rose Bracelet

$25 + materials

Level: Advanced Beginner

This bracelet is entirely made of 3mm Swarovski crystal. The beauty of it is beyond words. You may opt to use 4mm crystal for a bolder look or for fuller figure person. Perfect for Mother's Day gift. 

6/10/17  Saturday  2-5pm

Purpose Necklace

$25 + materials

Level: Low Intermediate

A trendy beaded rope which offers itself for multi-purpose: an eye-glasses holder, an ID holder, and of course, a necklace.  Polaris beads (made in Italy) are added and adorned with tiny drops to dressed up a long herringbone rope. Basic RAW and Herringbone knowledge is required. 

6/15/17  Thursday 12-2:30pm

Embellished Pearl Bracelet

$25 + materials

Level: Beginners

Pearl is feminine and forever in style. This sophisticated looking pearl bracelet requires no more than beginners skill level. Guarantee to knock your friends socks off! LOL. Sign up the with a friend, and both of your class fees are half off!!

6/17 Saturday 2-5pm

Angel Angel by Amy Rutter

$25 + Materials

Level: Advanced Beginners

An inspiring design by Amy Rutter that there are angels among us and to remind ourselves to be that angel for others everyday. Featuring Swarovski spike crystal with basic circular Peyote stitch. Suitable for all levels.

6/24 Saturday 10-5pm (1 hour lunch break)

Polymer Clay with Barbara McGuire

$60 (All inclusive)

Level: All levels
I could not believe what a crazy fun class it was until I took it myself! 6 hours non-stop excitement exploring the wonder of polymer clay with master Barbara McGuire and brainstorming with fellow beaders. Look at what talented Marcy turned her polymer clay beads into amazing bead embroidery necklace (pictures from  last class). This truly is what "one-of-a-kind" means! 
Please let us know if you are interested in this workshop, so we can schedule a session in the near future.

FEBRUARY 2017 Classes / Workshops

1/7  Saturday  12-5pm  Make-n-Take  

"Earrings for all Seasons" by Laura McCabe

In keeping tradition, Laura has again released a free holiday pattern right around Christmas time. This beautiful design can accompany any wardrobe throughout the seasons by simply changing color combination. 

The pattern was released in her December newsletter for instant download. Please bring your own copy of pattern to join this open beading Saturday. If you do not have the newsletter, send a request through our website contact page, and we will forward the newsletter to you.

1/19  Thursday 11-1pm 

Intro to Stringing   $15 + Materials

​Level: Beginners

This intro class walks you through basic technique of bead stringing in nowadays trendy jewelry; explain in simple language on design concept; introduce common materials in the industry, and demonstrates good crimping from bad. Students will have hands on experience by putting together their own bracelets or necklace afterwards.  If you feel overwhelmed to try out jewelry making, this class is for you.

1/21  Saturday 11-2:00pm

Sweetheart Bracelet  $25 + Materials

Level: Beginners with needle-thread experience

This lovely bracelet teaches you how to use 2-drop Peyote stitch to create image. Students will have a chance to draw out their own ideas on graph paper for practice.

1/28  Saturday  10-1pm

Basic Cabochaon Wire Wrap by Lisa Barth

Level: Beginners  $35/person + materials

Are you drawn to wirework? Are your new year's resolutions including a new technique to master? Follow us on all Lisa Barth's classes which take you into the fantastic world of metal!

First up in January is a Cabochon Wire Wrap 101. Learn the unique way Lisa developed to create a neat and sturdy pendant. A highly recommended foundation class for anyone who is interested in wire wrapping project.